David Kemp

Renewable Energy Consultant

David is an experienced salesman with 10 years of renewable energy expertise, who has built a working relationship with Peter.


"This is a great company with a can-do attitude to service & quality. The whole team is focused on delivering success and achieving our customers’ expectations and more. I bring many years of experience in looking after my customers. Now for over 10 years in the renewables sector, covering domestic & commercial solar, Air Source Heat Pumps and modern heating systems. I pride myself on going the extra mile. I do not believe in fit & forget. Post-service & support are just as important as before and during the installation. Solar is at least a 25-year investment into saving money and doing what is right for the environment. I truly believe UK Energi is the right company to trust and work with".


Contact David:

Office: 01302 260299

Email: [email protected]

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