Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

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Our Air Source Heat Pumps Are a Groundbreaking Alternative Method of Generating Electricity for your commercial or residential property.

Are you sick or spiralling heating costs?

Do you want to not only save on your monthly bills, but also help save the planet?

You can do this with an air source heat pump - without the need for a caped accountant!


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What Exactly Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

Most central heating boilers burn gas which release harmful fumes into the atmosphere.

The gas is supplied by energy firms who charge a premium for their service.

When you switch to an air source heat pump, you can forget about these worries. No more gas bills, no more reliance on energy firms to heat your house. Plus, if you partner it up with our other tech such as solar power or home battery storage systems, you’ll be saving on your electricity bills too!

With our extensive range of green tech, you can rest easy knowing that that your cosy, yet smart, home isn’t damaging the environment.


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How It Works

1. Outdoor Pump Unit

The system starts with a discreet Mitsubishi EcoDan HP unit mounted outside of your property.

It transfers heat from the air into a fluid which passes through an exchange into a heat pump. This raises the temperature and, in turn, transfers this heat to your central heating water.

These systems are so effective they’re even used in countries like Sweden and Finland where temperatures can drop to as low as -25 degrees C.

2. All Your Heating Needs, Met

Not only does your air source heat pump meet your central heating needs, but you can also store the hot water in a tank, similar to an immersion heater. You can even install an air source heat pump if no existing central heating pipework is in place!

3. Easy Controls

The entire system is controlled much like your existing gas central heating - using an internal thermostat where you can set the target temperature


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How It Works

Pros and cons of air source heat pumps



Energy Efficiency: Our systems are far more efficient than a gas boiler, saving you hundreds of pounds every year.

Renewable and sustainable: Not only do you save on energy bills each month, but you can also claim up to £5,000 from the UK government to help towards the cost of installation

Durable: An air source heat pump is designed to last two to three times longer than a conventional gas boiler, with much less maintenance required

Easy installation: Unlike ground or water source heat pumps, you don’t need a borehole or ground works to fit an air source heat pump. This means you don’t need permission or surveys either.

Under pressure: Air source heat pumps raise the water pressure in your home - so if you’re used to disappointing and lacklustre showers, you’re in for a treat!

Low Maintenance: ASHPs have fewer mechanical components compared to other heating systems, resulting in lower maintenance requirements. Regular cleaning and checking of filters, fans, and coils are generally sufficient to keep the system running smoothly.



Visual Impact: The outdoor unit of an ASHP can be bulky and may affect the aesthetics of a property. Careful consideration is required during installation to ensure the unit is placed inconspicuously or screened from view.

Noise: ASHPs consist of an outdoor unit that contains a fan and compressor, which can generate noise during operation. While newer models are designed to be quieter, the noise level can still be a concern, especially if the outdoor unit is installed close to living areas or neighboring properties.

Need for Supplementary Heating: In regions with extremely cold winters, ASHPs may struggle to meet heating demands on their own. In such cases, supplementary heating systems may be required, which can increase overall installation and operating costs.

Initial Cost: The upfront cost of purchasing and installing an ASHP can be higher compared to traditional heating systems. The cost depends on factors such as system capacity, efficiency, and complexity of the installation. However, potential savings in energy bills over the system's lifespan can help offset the initial investment.


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