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Are you purchasing, or already own, an electric vehicle? Would you like to take control of where your power comes from, lowering your carbon footprint…and even charge your EV for free? Our latest Zappi EV charging tech does this and more.

Our latest Zappi EV charging tech does this and more.


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Introducing Zappi-
The EV Charging System


When you charge your EV, you normally take grid-generated power from power stations which damage the environment. The Zappi EV charging system changes that.

Zappi can charge your EV using power generated from your own solar array or wind turbine, leaving use of power from the grid as a last resort.

You can set a timer to take advantage of cheaper grid tariffs at night time - so if you do need to pull some power from the grid, it won’t hurt your wallet nearly as much as it could!


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Commercial & Residential EV Car Charging points

Zappi EV charging systems come programmed with three customisable modes.


Combines green energy and minimised energy from the grid. Grid power will generally be used overnight, taking advantage of cheaper rates. Or you have the option of using 100% green energy - charging for free! Green charging power is adjusted continually, in response to changes in generation or energy usage in your home.


Similar to Eco, charging power comes from the grid or your own power source. The difference is that your EV charging will be paused if there is too much imported power being used. Charging restarts when there is enough surplus power being generated. This option is great for optimising the amount of green energy you use.


In this mode your EV is charged on full power to get you ready move as soon as possible. This electricity can come from your own renewable source, or from the grid. If you don’t have your own source of power generation, Zappi will charge your EV like any other Mode 3 EV charging system. (We also install solar though, so having your own source is no problem at all!)


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Five Reasons You’ll Love Zappi


1. UK Made

Zappi is the first ever EV charging system of its kind. From initial concept, to working design and final manufacture, everything is handled right here in the UK.

2. Save Money And The Environment

Innovative features including home-generated energy utilisation and remote monitoring help you to save money in an unpredictable financial climate. The reduced reliance on the national grid lowers your carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

3. Easy Installation

Unlike other EV charging systems, Zappi has integrated PEN fault technology - meaning you don’t need to install an additional earth rod, reducing costs and making the installation fast and easy.

4. Future Proof
The UK government will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2030. With the Zappi EV charging system, you’ll be ready and able to stay mobile.
5. Flexible Operation

Zappi works in conjunction with a purpose built app. You can access and control your charging system from anywhere. You can even monitor your energy import and export data through the integrated graphs and visuals.


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Five Reasons You'll Love Zappi

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