Free-fit and long-term leased Commercial UK Solar projects - A no cost solution with huge savings 


Here’s how it works... 

UK Energi starts the process by carrying out a project survey at your premises to evaluate your current electricity usage and what your future requirements will be. We will consider the capacity of the electrical connection to the grid and the performance of the solar panels based on your location and orientation of the roof. 

We can then provide you with a solar installation at no cost or risk to yourselves. We construct and finance the solar installation including all costs of the work, grid connection and analysis. 

On completion, the solar installation will be owned by a finance institution fund that will cover all the costs including maintenance, insurance and business rates. 

The fund will provide electricity generated from the installation to your business at up to half price compared to electricity from your current provider. 

Nothing to pay, nothing to lose! 

In short, you make immediate savings without any investment or risk to yourselves. 

UK Energi’s leasing proposal has far more benefits than buying outright especially from a cash flow point of view. It would take 4-6 years before the cash flow benefits of an outright purchase (due to initial investment costs) outweigh our lease proposal. 

You also won’t have any of the maintenance concerns and risks from a UK Energi’s long term lease as opposed to an outright purchase. 



  • Cost savings 
  • Solar panels generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy bills. 
  • Financial stability 
  • With energy prices predicted to sharply rise in the next 10 years, commercial solar panels allow you to effectively forward buy your electricity at a set price, making financial forecasting much easier. 
  • Lower carbon footprint 
  • Generating your own solar energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, increase your company’s sustainable credentials, and improve your business reputation, as well as saving money.
  • Battery Storage 
  • Any additional energy produced can be stored on-site and used once the solar system stops producing. 

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